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Avant Multi Tool Carriers supplied by Angus Chainsaws with over 100 attachments available
Avant 200 Multi Tool Carrier

Avant 200

The continuous four-wheel-drive of the AVANT 200 guarantees a superior pushing force. It is equipped with a smooth, stepless hydrostatic transmission and the auxiliary hydraulics of the AVANT 200 are exceptionally powerful in comparison to it's size. Controls are ideally positioned and there's lots of legroom for taller operators. Visibility is excellent and the safety frame with tinted canopy is standard and gives superb cover and protection.

Download Avant 200 Brochure (2.5mb)

Avant 300 Multi Tool Carrier

Avant 300

The superior pulling force of the AVANT 300 turns and pulls with ease in all conditions. The entire transmission is service-free so no drive chains to tighten. Ideal weight distribution enables handling of heavier loads and the auxiliary hydraulics can be operated by a pedal in the footwell or by a lever on the dashboard. Drive speed area can be selected during driving without stopping the machine.

Download Avant 300 Brochure (2.2mb)

Avant 400 Multi Tool Carrier

Avant 400

Strong enough to handle heavier loads with max lift capacity as high as 550kg. Ingenious loader boom - max lift height with telescopic boom 2750 mm. The AVANT 400 has enough power to operate most of the Avant attachments and the wide range of 100 different attachments enables efficient working all year round. It can handle the jobs that a compact tractor, an ATV, quad bike and a ride on lawn mower can do. The load sensor comes as standard in the AVANT 400 series.

Download Avant 400 Brochure (2.5mb)

Avant 500 Multi Tool Carrier

Avant 500

The unique basic construction makes AVANT 500 an unbeatable machine in its class. All the features give better comfort, working efficiency and working quality. Positioned in the front part of the machine, the operator’s seat is as close to the attachment as it can safely be – this gives unrestricted view of the attachment working. The rigid articulation joint which doesn’t swing sideways is a very important feature in a machine of this size.

Download Avant 500 Brochure (3.2mb)

Avant 600 Multi Tool Carrier

Avant 600

Size - enough to handle heavier loads. Smoothness – does not damage lawns, pavings and other sensitive surfaces. Efficiency – both for lifting and attachments. Maneuverability – always needed when working in the yards and gardens. Power – is useful in any work. Versatility – you can do the job by using just one machine.

Download Avant 600 Brochure (4mb)

Avant 700 Multi Tool Carrier

Avant 700

The unique articulated chassis design makes AVANT 700 an unrivalled machine in its class, with additional features to improve operator comfort, work efficiency and work quality. Thanks to this rigid design the risk of tipping the machine over is greatly reduced because the rear chassis is counter-balancing the front chassis at all times, preventing the front chassis from movement which could otherwise destabilise the machine.

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Also available to download with over 100 attachments at your disposure:

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Our company has over 40 years of experience in the business and can help provide you with the correct Avant tool for the job and to keep you and your machinery on the move.

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